Leadership BootCamp

“No Excuse” Leadership

Strengthen Your Personal Influence to Improve Employee Performance, Upgrade Workplace Efficiencies – and Help Your Company “Win” Your Market!

The 2019 NPE Boot Camp is all about you, the “#1 Influencer” in your company.  It’s also about your personal preparation to win…each and every day!

Developed specifically with National Pavement Expo contractors in mind, the “No Excuse” Leadership Boot Camp will show you how to identify and implement the best strategies to guide your workers, the steps you can take to influence more ”right” decision making, and how your leadership – no excuses! – will help you maximize your firm’s real efficiencies, enabling it to become an even better and more profitable company.

As a leader – whether you’re an owner or senior manager – there is no excuse for not trying to make your company better in every area…every year. And those leadership efforts need to happen daily. That’s simply what’s expected from every owner, manager, supervisor, and foremen – no excuses! And this high-energy, interactive boot camp will help you improve those everyday leadership efforts.

In this “No Excuse” Leadership Boot Camp you’ll learn how to “Finish 1st” (finishing 2nd doesn’t count!) by working through the four main areas that every leader must plan for, attack and execute correctly the first time for leadership efforts to be of “championship caliber.”

  • Personal Influence: 10 Actions of the Influential Leader
  • Employee Performance: 5 Tools to Turn Workers into “Master Craftsman”
  • Workplace Efficiencies: Strategies that Increase Productivity Improvement
  • Company Position: How “No Excuse” Leaders Build “Preferred” Presence

“No Excuse” Leadership is hardest on owners and the leaders who execute on their behalf, so this boot camp will be one of the most challenging learning experiences you will ever attend.

Who Should Attend?

The result of more than 35 years working with contractors in the office and in the field, Brad Humphrey has created this one-day boot camp for:

  • Leaders who are not satisfied with how they’ve always done things
  • Leaders who know things can be done better (meaning easier, more profitably, or more efficiently),

And, perhaps most importantly, for:

  • Leaders who know they can contribute more to the success of their organization.

This session will present many new tools and techniques the pavement maintenance professional — new solutions that Brad is sharing for the first time at the 2019 NPE.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve the efforts of your workforce, streamline your company’s operations and organization, and enhance your Champion Leadership skills – “No Excuses!”



  • Morning snacks & beverages
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snacks & beverages