Leadership BootCamp

How to become the leader your company – and industry – needs

Leaders are born, not made…or are they? You, too, can become a great leader of your business by acquiring and practicing the skills and habits common to successful leaders.

Pinnacle Development Group has developed yet another one-day leadership experience guaranteed to impact your life, your professional growth, and your company’s future successes.  Brad Humphrey has specially designed this day-long Boot Camp specifically for leaders – crew foremen, supervisors, managers and owners — attending the 2018 NPE in Cleveland, Ohio.

The focus this year?  Leaders on a Mission 2018.  Brad will inspire you and teach you how to raise your leadership skills to be that leader that others want to emulate, follow, and who can help others become better leaders themselves.  You will also learn how leaders like you and your leadership team are able to acquire more work and how your leadership abilities will help you retain those clients won… and that’s just the morning!

The second half of your Boot Camp journey will unveil Brad’s “No Bad Job” techniques, those critical pre-start and post-job insights that will improve your efficiencies and raise your profits.  Finally, you will finish this day strong with how to empower your company to become the “preferred contractor of choice.”

During Leaders on a Mission 2018 you’ll learn:

  • 5 Proven Leadership Techniques that Will Change Your Life…and the Lives of Others
  • Business Development Skills for “Non-BD” Professionals…that Win & Retain Work
  • How Successful Contractors “Stack the Odds” Their Way at the Beginning & End of Projects by Implementing a “No Bad Jobs” System
  • How to Move Every Department, Crew & Individual to Make Sure Your Company is Qualified as the “Preferred Contractor of Choice”

Who Should Attend?

This new Boot Camp is perfect for Owners and their Leaders who are tenacious about being their very best and who are eager to work hard to make their company the best it can be.  More-intense learning is promised for this Boot Camp – so come ready for a “workout!”

Due to the intense leadership issues addressed in this full-day session, it is recommended for those contractors and construction leaders truly committed to “raising their leadership game” so they can become more effective leaders of people. Brad will bring his engaging, high-energy personality to this essential training issue to convey his “close and upfront” construction wisdom to contractor leaders and the future leaders of the industry.

Remember, “Leaders who perspire to learn inspire those who earn!”