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Unifirst provides high visibility workwear to keep employees safe, day or night.


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SAMIscreed is an asphalt mastic repair that can repair many types of asphalt defects.  Think of it as a hybrid of a crack sealant and a patching material.  It has properties of both, but is unique from both in that it can be used to repair wide cracks (>1.5″), rumble strips and cold joint raveling.  It can also be used to repair potholes, spalls and rutting at the same time.  It is a long lasting repair with a life expectancy of over 7+ years when installed properly. 


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BULLOX™ modular screed plate system is like nothing else currently available. This patented technology features a one time conductor plate install and an easy attach wear plate system that allows multiple materials and textures to be used never previously practical. This concept changes the industry. Not only can it be used in a variety of situations, installation is quick and maintenance is easy. Once our BULLOX™ system is installed you will spend more time paving and less time on maintenance.

A textured screed plate? That’s right! This texture applies multiple force vectors to the aggregate. This means that once it hits the bullnose, the aggregate is forced to “stay in it’s lane” as it travels through the OXCLAW™, resulting in a dense stable mat. We also offer smooth screed plates for conventional needs.

Hi-chrome cast plates provide durability and extreme longevity. When it’s time to change these wear parts our BULLOX™ system makes this a breeze.

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Think of us like Uber but for photos and surveys.  iVueit deploys our nationwide Vuer network of over 100K+ registered app users to gather photos & surveys on demand in the facility management industry for the largest brands in the world.

Vuers are deployed on-demand to complete verification projects in as little as 1.3 days, on average, with 50% being completed the day they are requested. The iVueit platform demonstrates savings of 60% or more vs. traditional methods.

Our clients access the information and photos via our platform enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their properties – no matter how remote. Let us help you expand your field presence.


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Is a leader in the manufacturing of thermoplastic and preformed thermoplastic pavement markings.  Thermoplastic is a type of durable pavement marking, made from polymer resins that become a homogenized liquid when heated and hard when cooled. Thermoplastic can be formed in the field using line-striping trucks and hand carts for intersection work or it can be factory pre-formed into specific shapes, such as tiles that can be assembled into coloured lanes in roadways. You are all probably familiar with green bicycle lanes but more recently performed thermoplastic is being used to identify no-parking and ride-sharing drop-off zones.

Thermoplastic, when cut by lasers or water-cutters, can also be used for bicycle lane symbols, arrows, pavement legends, shared lane markings and intricate legends such as highway shields and municipal coats of arms.

Our products are made using state of the art technology with application, end user, durability and style in mind.

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