Gary RabineCEO Rabine Paving America

Gary Rabine is the CEO and Founder of the Rabine Group. Gary’s competitive drive over the last 36 years has helped transform Rabine Paving, a small local driveway company into a group of facilities maintenance companies. The Rabine Group companies are leaders in the commercial paving, roofing, and snow removal industries. Gary began his journey to build the best paving company in 1981 at 18 years old. Growth was modest for the first 2 decades from $0 to $6 million in annual sales, but over the last decade the Rabine Group has grown over 3,000% and now paves and maintains more parking lots than any other organization in the United States. Gary and more than 400 Rabine Group team members serve clients locally, regionally and nationally. His passion continues to fuel the team at the Rabine Group to being a world class, innovative organization. Each of Gary’s 9 companies is led by an industry specific expert who exudes the passion and experience it takes to be the best in its industry. Rabine Group companies focus on delivering value added differentiation. Gary, along with company leaders and engineers, network with the best minds in the world to continue leading in innovation.

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2/1/2020 10:00 AM