Kevin Slivka Asphalt Fabrics & Specialties

Kevin Slivka has been involved in the construction industry for as long as he can remember, being taken out on driveway jobs for his father’s company when he was a boy. He was officially added to the payroll at the age of sixteen and worked on the site, crackseal, chipseal, asphalt patching, and cold-in-place recycling crews for approximately five years, until his father and his business partner sold their company to others. After the sale he decided to try out a few other things. He then spent several years working for concrete contractors, a concrete plant, and an excavation contractor before being hired at Asphalt Fabrics in 2004 as the third full time person at a two and half person company. The company grew over the years and Kevin became the owner in 2012. At the start of his career he went from estimation-sales-labor of interlayer fabric only to crackseal, chipseal, polymer modified joint repair, and a few experimental products. The jobs also went from small commercial projects to ODOT, Municipal, County, Commercial, and Residential. Kevin has always strived to provide the best service and knowledge for his customers and works with many paving contractors in Ohio, from the big highway companies to a guy with a pick up and a wheelbarrow just getting started. He spends the winter helping city governments and engineers prepare budgets and doing road evaluations. His driving thought is that he hopes to be doing this work as long as he can, working with the same customers year after year, so the solutions must be long term and be able to stand by the work performed.

C09 Repairs and Interlayers Prior to Asphalt Overlay

01/31/2020 02:00 PM