Loring Dunton C & L Sweeper Service Corp.

Loring Dunton is Vice President of C & L Services which consists of C & L Sweeper Services and C & L General Services. In this role, he manages all day to day operations, monitors financials with the assistance of the controller, shares human resource responsibilities, and acts in the capacity as the President in his absence.
Previous to this role, he was a twenty-five (25) year member of the Township of Toms River NJ Police Department. As such, he served in the roles of Police Officer, Police Detective, Police Sergeant, and Police Lieutenant with responsibilities for supervising the narcotics street crimes unit, SWAT team leader and SWAT commander, Detective Bureau Commander, and Commander of the Office of Professional Standards which was responsible for recruitment, hiring, training, and internal affairs. He served a constituency of approximately 100,000 people.
He is currently on the board of directors for the National Power Sweeping Association and is involved in the accreditation of best practices for the power sweeping industry.

W08 Best Practices for Contract Sweepers

1/30/2020 9:30 AM