Mike ShereckOwner /Leader/CEO Transformational Leadership Experiences

Mike Shereck, PCC Coach, Leader, Barrier Breaker Mike Shereck is a thought leader and a coach that uses his insight, skills, experience, training, and ability to listen and understand to create sustainable change in todays dynamic workplace environments. Early in Mike’s adult life, he began to pose the question, “”What is Leadership, and What can it Provide?”” It is that questioned that ignited the idea of TLE, Transformational Leadership Experience, Inc. Mike brings a unique background. With his vast experience and understanding from working in both manufacturing (metalworking, automotive, and machining processes) and construction (green construction, excavation, concrete, and paving), he has a thorough understanding of the processes and constraints that allow for success and also understands the potential limiting nature of organizational cultures that has developed throughout the years. Mike has the unique ability to bring and implement 21st Century Leadership ideas and practices to these environments that allows for both the leaders and the workers to thrive and create both organizational and personal breakthroughs in performance. He does so in a way, that has everyone he works with have the experience of being listened to, respected and understood, and also challenged and held to account. Respect, humor, kindness, and authenticity, are characteristics often associated in describing Mike. Mike is the founder of The Mike Shereck Group, LLC, he is a principle and the founding partner of Transformational Leadership Experience, Inc. Mike is the Author of “”Berwyn Rules: Leadership Secrets of 26th Street””, and he is one of the inaugural speakers for the “”Speaker Who Dare”” project, this is the next evolution of TEDx Lincoln Square in NYC.

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