Steve LeoneRetired / Founder Regional Pavement Maintenance

Steve Leone has sold and produced over 95 Million Dollars in Pavement Maintenance and Installation since 1999 in the State of Arizona alone. He has negotiated and served time on Non-Competes and Non-Disclosures both as an Employee and currently as a post-sale Business Owner. His career in the industry dates back over 35 years. He is experienced in Commercial, Residential, General Contracting, Distribution and Retail sales, production and project management. He is able to relate to all attendees’ personal experiences in some capacity. The start-up of Regional Pavement Maintenance and eventually the incorporated entity grew incredibly every year through the great recession. His sales efforts were featured in the March 2000 edition of Pavement Magazine as well as Arizona’s “People to Know” in commercial real estate. He was also unanimous selection to the Arizona Subcontractors Association Board of Directors.

A05 “Non-Competes, Non-Disclosures and Exit Strategies beyond 2020”

1/29/2020 1:00 PM